The General Council consists of 41 members and is at the head of the municipality. It is elected by the people under the system of proportional representation for a period of 4 years. The Legislature meets each year between 5-8 times in public sessions.

Its remits include the adoption of the annual budget, accounts and new regulations. The General Councillors also discuss loans and development projects proposed by the Municipal Council.

General Council Office- legislative period 2012-2016

PresidentMme Nathalie Ebner Cottet (PS)
1st Vice-presidentM. Pierre-Alain Wyss (PLR)
2nd Vice-presidentM. Jean-Paul Chédel (UDC)
SecrataryMme Christelle Gertsch Macuglia (PLR)
Deputy-SecretaryMme Antoinette Hurni (PS)
Parlimentary AdministratorsM. Romain Jeanneret (PS)
M. Niels Rosselet-Christ (UDC)

Political party distribution in the General Council

Depending on the outcome of the municipal elections of the 13th of  May 2012:

5 Political Parties 41 Legislative members
Liberal-Radical Party (PLR)17
Socialist Party (PS)14
Centre Democratic Union Party (UDC)6
The Green Party : Liberty and Ecology (Verts)2
Workers' and Peoples' Party (POP)2




2012 Municipal elections


They were also published in the Official Gazette of the 25th of May 2012.