The General Council is the legislative authority of the Val-de-Travers and has 41 members. As for the Executive body, it is composed of five persons forming the council. By studying this chapter closely, you will learn more about these bodies, their composition and functions. The Municipal Chancellery is the general secreteriat for these authorities. You can also contact the secretariats of the management of each department for any questions specific to a particular field of municipal life and benefit from their skills.

Many committees assist the legislative and the executive bodies in the study and consultation of various development projects. These bodies are made up of citizens who are engaged in municipal politics. They are the representatives of the people and their spokespersons. They defend the ideals and projects of general interest and work for the public good and efficient functioning of the municipality and its development. Discover the various reports and approved decisions from the meetings of the General Council and the municipal regulations in force in the systematic compendium of the Val-de-Travers.

You can participate in civic life, discover your political rights, where and how to vote ...