Gare de Noiraigue

From the Areuse gorge to the Creux du Van

The village of Noiraigue is a paradise of green tourism. It is the departure point of two of the most beautiful walks in the Jura Range which mustn’t be missed on any account: The Areuse Gorge which is wild and rugged and the Creux du Van, a majestic glacial cwm or cirque which gave its name to one of the first Swiss nature reserves.

The point tourist information welcomes you at the station, which is open all through the summer months, will welcome you and provide you with information. You can also buy absinth flavoured chocolates and other products of the region. You can hire electric bikes, which will allow you to reach the Creux du Van more easily.

On the way to the Creux du Van walkers should not miss the Ferme Robert, with its information centre, its restaurant and lodging possibilities. Further to the West the mountain inn at Les Oeillons is open during the summer months. The stunning walk down the Areuse Gorge takes you to the hamlet of Champ de Moulin, and down to the Neuchâtel lakeside.

From August to December don’t miss the unique climbing experience of the Tichodrome via ferrata. You can hire the necessary equipment at the Regional Sports Centre at Couvet.


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